Saturday, December 1, 2012

Enlightenment is awesome - The next step

There is a step beyond coping, dealing, surviving.  There is a step beyond the vortex of sadness or joy, horror or excitement.  There is a step beyond.  It's called living.

You can only grieve, replay, cling, bask, deny, rejoice for so long.  Then you have to return to the world.  You have to put food in the belly and clothes on the back.  You have to shower and drive and interact with others who are dealing with their own vortexes of celebration and sorrow.

It's natural to stop, to freeze, to fight or flight.  Then it's natural to breath again.  It's natural to laugh again.  It's natural to cry again.  It's natural to let the wounds heal, the lights dim, the vision turn to the next goal, the next horizon.  It's natural to move to the future.

Every day we deal with sorrows and joys, trauma vortexes of various colors and intensities.  And every day we step out of the drama, and continue living.

You can take the next step.  Walk this way.


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