Monday, August 5, 2013

What do Reunionites need to know about me now?

backstory: I travelled with Up With People from the summer of 1988 thru the summer of 1989.  This year (2013) we celebrated our 25th reunion - though if you think about it, it's really 25 years since we first met, not since we last travelled all together.  Regardless... We are considered Cast D, 1988.  So.  25 years.  Eep.  Needing to put SOMETHING out there, so I wouldn't actually have to try & verbally express the montage that is myself (wry grin), I wrote this.

My hair is cut short.  My boobs are stretched long.
I cry whenever I sing That song
or read that book. Or stand up wrong.
That’s how my feelings air.

I give The Look to the mirror each morning -- 
the one that mothers use as a warning?
‘Cause if it’s not noon, I would rather be snoring
no matter what my mean boss wants.

My humor is highbrow and sometimes sarcastic.
My temper is brittle, my mood swings are spastic.
My sense of adventure is kind of elastic
and retracts in the middle of jaunts.

I’ll believe anything anyone tells me, as long as they think it’s true.
And in the end, be it fun or responsible, I do what I want to do.
I expect miracles.  I hug the foliage.  I think of squirrels as my crew.
I know the endlessness of possibilities; I talk to butterflies too.
A daughter, a sister, a wife, an aunt, 
I live a unique point of view with flair.

I read and I write and I add and subtract.
I’ll tell my opinion, sometimes without tact.
Some days I am wise; sometimes I feel cracked.
So all that has changed, as a matter of fact,
in the twenty five years since my suitcase unpacked

is the length of my breasts and my hair.

And yes, I did get comments on my breasts.
And my hair. - L

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