Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Frozen In Decision

Here's a scary story for Halloween.  Every single choice you make matters.

Everything you choose will affect every choice you make down the line.  When you make a choice, you open the door to a hundred other possibilities and, simultaneously, close the door to a hundred other options.  Forget the butterfly whose wings create a thunderstorm.  If you wear a red shirt instead of a blue shirt, you could end the world!  (Because the apprentice scientist in the cosmetology department who is looking out the window on the way to the disposal unit likes red shirts.  She is  distracted and adds the organic herbal supplement to the hazardous material bin instead of the compost pile and voila, mutant zombie chickens are hatched under the sea and propelled through oil rigs back into the ranges were free chickens, um, range.  It's really hard to tell a zombie chicken from an unzombie chicken, so chicken is no longer a staple, and thus chicken soup is no longer available.  There's a mass exodus from earth to escape the common cold; and on the way out, we blow up the planet to destroy the zombie chickens -- even though they don't exist anymore because everyone knows organic based cosmetics don't last more than 24 hours.

All because you wore a red shirt.)

Now, you can choose to throw away all your red shirts, just to make sure this doesn't happen.  And to be on the safe side, don't wear any red clothes.  Ever.  Not even that really awesome number you have safely stored for special occasions.  Nope.  You never know when an apprentice cosmetological scientist might be watching.  But when you're on the rocket heading away from the earth (perhaps pushing the red button yourself) because someone else wore a red shirt, remember this.

Everybody makes choices.  We have to, to get through the day.  There is no way to not make choices.  Even staying frozen to one spot for fear of making the wrong choice is a choice.  There are days we will regret our choices.  Or wish we'd made other ones.  (Cuz that red outfit was REALLY hot!)  But, we live with our choices.  And doors will open, and doors will close.

In the end, all of our choices are the right ones.

Because we made them.

So go on.  Wear the red.  If you choose.

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