Friday, August 31, 2018

Happiness Book - manifesto

Earlier today, a friend and fellow writer (who's work I hope to soon show you all) helped me add another line of perspective on the Happiness Book. My mom always used to say Simple but Significant. and paring the Happiness Practice down to a book that isn't 20 volumes of meandering is quite the practice.

My friend, Laura Naughton, talked to me about creating a manifesto for the book. Basically, a mission statement. So I Googled, found a guide by Sally Wolfe, and went for it. This is the result. This is today's truth. 


Why am I writing this book? To finally stand up for myself, current and past. To accept all of me. To love myself. To get the idea of happiness out there, so I can create a better world. Because the happier people are, the happier the world will be (because there will be less focus on trying to feel strong off of other people’s weakness; less fear for self.) And the happier and more peaceful the world, the happier I will be. And it is all about me! I am rescuing myself. I am manifesting my world.

The unique perspective of this book, the truth at the core, is that we are all unique and equal. that's there is no universal truth that applies to everyone. There is no right or wrong. I believe the whole purpose of being alive is for us each to be the best we can be, not to fit into molds, not to best each other, but to hold space for ourselves. to try and explore and to do things each our own way. The only person who knows what's right for me, is me. the only person who knows what's right for you, is you.  We are unique, and we are equal. I am not trying to feed you my truth. I am trying to help you find your truth (so that I can have a better world.).  And your truth is as valid as mine.

I want a person who reads the book or listens to the tapes or watches the videos or the classes or whatever, I want zer to come away not only feeling inspired and empowered but connected with self. To have tools for manifesting, and the knowledge that if one tool doesn’t work, another one will appear. That I don’t have the all answers, but the answers are out there. That we each are unique and equal, and there is no right and wrong, just unique, individual truths. And we don’t have to hurt others to be amazing. We are already amazing, just by being alive. And we not only get to be ourselves, we must be ourselves. I want each and every person to stand up and say, “I am doing what is right for me” and, without violence but with strength and personal truth, go forth and create a better world.

Audience: anyone who is young enough, flexible enough, willing to discard all the things that aren’t working (when it is right to discard them) and search for a connection with self. But, if I have to focus down, since it is all about me, the audience would be anyone who was or is like me – teenagers who feel ostracized, disconnected, not even bullied just confused and struggling and like they’re running just to stay still, in a place they’re not even sure they want to be but they don’t know how to get to where they want to go.

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