Sunday, July 29, 2012

I Can Rune Your Life - August

the rune for August is Isa.

Isa is the rune of isolation, hibernation, healing through sleep and contemplation. Isa is the protective shield we put around ourselves to keep away the outside influences. With Isa we let the world pass by, in it’s natural cycle, while we rest and relax and live off of the past – which could be monetary or physical. Rather like resting on our laurels.

Isa is the Water of Earth. Endurance and patience, held and comforted within our home nest. Or cave. Let the slings and arrows of frantic change whistle harmlessly past us. No need to do new and exciting things, no need to strive or break new ground. Through this time of contemplation and observation, we will strengthen and refresh.

Isa - May the healing protection of isolation serve you and strengthen you, that you may better serve and strengthen yourself and those you love.


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