Sunday, July 8, 2012

Rune Your Life - July 8th

Today’s runes are Eihwaz R, and the blank rune. A very long and twisty blank rune.

It’s obvious we don’t always know what’s coming up, what’s happening, what will affect us and what won’t. With the chaos of the world, with everything changing with every breath, even predicting our own reactions is a difficult thing.

So let us take some time here to focus on the now. To focus on ourselves. To simply deal with this moment and this place and this time. Even the next breath is unimportant until it is breathed. If we want a better now in the future, it must be built on an excellent now of the present. So let us focus on the purity, strength and excellence of the blocks we’re creating now, and not necessarily on the shape of what we’re building.

Eihwaz R and the Unknowable. Focus on now and let the future take care of itself.

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