Monday, November 5, 2012

Perceptions & Realities: Parking Hell-O

November 5, 2012

Dear Person at whom I honked, in the King Sooper’s parking lot, today:

I admit it is entirely possible you knew I was there, and there was never a chance of you backing into me; perhaps you were merely inching out of the parking space so I, or the person behind me, would know it was going to be free. But my attention was on the vehicle further up, who was also backing out, and I saw your taillights coming my way.

My horn is rarely used and so I smacked it hard, to make sure you heard me and knew I was there.

My intention was to prevent an accident, to make a warning. And I couldn’t go past you because of the other vehicle leaving further ahead, who’d also stopped when I honked.

So if you knew I was there, I apologize most humbly for the insult of the loud and cursing horn. But I would do it again, because it’s also possible you couldn’t see I was there.

Thank you,


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