Thursday, May 12, 2016

Today's Happiness Practice - Feeling the job

Today I had a job interview, and the interviewer asked an excellent question - remembering a "best day" at work... what did you do? (Which meant, what helped make it feel like a best day?)

And for me, it wasn't just a day, but a month. A month where I worked at the things I loved, felt like I accomplished things, and succeeded at the goals I had given myself. And the "best-ness" was compounded as I did this every day; each day was better than the last because I was having a successful, productive day AGAIN.

Now, I don't know if I'm the best candidate for the job I interviewed for today. We could be a good fit, this job and I; or we could be like two violins playing in different keys.

There are enough possibilities that I am going to be open to the job, and curious to see if I'm hired.

But I am not going to visualize myself in this job.

Instead, I am going to "In-vision" (Meanderings - I can see clearly) myself having a job that results in a lot of best days. I am going to feel the success, the happiness, the hard work paying off, the giddy enjoyment of fulfilling goals.

Because, as my best friend just reminded me, if I can let go of what I think I want (from the limited perspective of what I can see) the Universe will provide me with what I really need.

Today, I am not going to feel myself in a specific job. I am going to feel myself doing work that brings me happiness.

I hope you're having a great day!

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