Saturday, January 28, 2017

Today's Happiness Practice - patience with myself

Today I am going to practice patience with myself.

I have been reminded that recovery is a slow process. We may feel awesome and amazing when we're sitting down, or just waking up. We can anything. We can do EVERYTHING!

Until we actually try to get up and do something.

And the years pass and it's so tempting to berate ourselves for the sluggish responses, the becoming tired easily, the distractions, the desire to just sit and look out the window. (pretty!)

But as I look out the window, I am able to think back and see all the progress I have made. Realize how each step I have taken has increased my strength, my tolerance, recovered my skills, reformed my ability to be productive or stay on my feet or feel happy.

Progress sometimes makes the relapse seem twice as disappointing.

So I'm not going to call it relapse. It's not a relapse. It's simply an ebb. A waning. Energy flows. Life cycles. We are not in a constant state of "go" and "on" and "ability". We simply feel like we are because we are used to the ebb and the flow. We automatically correct our course, use our resources.

Until we have to start over and relearn.

So whether you're recovering from a major health issue, or an emotional one, a spiritual one or a societal one, join me in allowing yourself patience. In celebrating the waxing of strength and joy, and moving gently through the waning.

Today I am going to practice having patience with myself. Because the less I struggle to force myself forward, the more able I am to access all of my resources.

I hope you have a great day!

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