Wednesday, April 26, 2017

LIR 042617 - No Rune

 Life in Runes Live Reading

I'll admit it. It was a little disconcerting, not to mention frustrating, to be set up for a rune reading (Finally!) and to come up with No Rune.

I always wonder if people believe that No Rune is really a Rune Reading.

But that is just rude to the runes. And I apologize. And to the people who are reading this. I apologize to you too.

But No Rune is a nebulous reading. Because it means more than just "The Future is hazy. Try again tomorrow." (in fact, that's another rune all together.)  No Rune means, there is no one single word of advice, no specific tool, no map that will cover all the situations, thoughts, needs that we, as a general group of people will be facing.

In fact, it turns out, today No Rune means there is no one single tool that can cover all the moments of truth individually.

It is time to be practicing not just one aspect or another of our talents, skills, jobs, perceptions. It is time to practice them all.

Like a bird who is constantly checking the position of his wings and tail against the wind...
Like a fish who is flowing with the current...
Like a plant who takes the weather and animals and human interaction as it comes and adjusts...
So too shall we be. Treating each moment as it's own situation, as it's own event, as it's own truth. And applying the tools and perceptions that are needed FOR THAT MOMENT.

We are dancing. We are flying. We are swimming. We are growing. Every moment we are new.

I hope you have a great moment!

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