Friday, August 4, 2017

Happiness is... the Remaking

Happiness is…
…Remaking myself.
Yes, yes it is.

It doesn't feel like it. It feels like a drag and a pain and a beating my head against the wall and wanting to take the Divine by the lapels (which will manifest just for this purpose because I said so, bless it!) and shaking and saying/screaming  "Why is this happening to me!!!!!

But, honestly, this "happening" is the quintessential poignancy of Happiness.

Because in any self-improvement program, there is the destruction, the unmaking of self.
And then there is the remaking.

In Happiness, one just does it all at once.
At least, in this day and age one does. It may have been different last century.
But we're not dealing with last century. Or last year. Or even last week.
We're dealing with NOW.

Bless it, bless it, bless it, bless it, bless it.

And now, there is a lot to do and undo and redo and overdo and try again. There's a lot of stuff going on out there! Which means, since I actually am part of the world (more blessings) there are a lot of opportunities to practice Happiness.

What is right for me, in this moment?
Well, I screwed that up - nope, we don't screw up, change vocabulary…
…Well, I am unsatisfied with the results of that choice - I shall make a different choice next time.
I don't like this at all, I'm going to change my mind now.
I am going to step back and breathe.
What is right for me, in this moment?
What do I want RIGHT NOW?
Am I willing to take responsibility for this choice and accept the consequences?
What is right for me, in this moment?
Do I like the results of that action?
Does this resonate with the me I want to be?

BTW, Universe. I am STILL saying NO to that confining option, and saying YES to this expansive opportunity.

So yeah, Happiness is remaking myself. Every day. Choosing, every day. And knowing that eventually this maelstrom will come to an end…

 …okay, actually, no it won't, things don't really stop, they just slow down and speed up - but this global transition period will settle into some calm growing years and I will be ready to enjoy them because I've been dancing across the ice the whole blessed time and it will be so nice to dance in place.

At least I like to dance!

So, Happiness is…
…remembering it's all about me.
Allowing it to be all about me.
About making my choices for my greatest and highest good.

Because the happier I am, the happier the world will be.

 I hope you are remembering to breathe,

(ps - yes, I am still working on the book. yay me!)

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