Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Is this really going to be a book?

Hello, Dear Reader. Just thought I'd continue my accountability and post an update about the book.

Partly because it's been awhile since I've posted something, partly so I'll keep talking about it, and partly because I've been doing an excellent job writing 30 minutes a day and it's all definitely truth of the moment, expressing my ideas about specific subjects. And while the first two chapters are narrative in style, the rest are just meanderings about my philosophy.

And I just finished babbling on about being unique, and I am staring at the multiple subjects and thinking - this can never be a GOOD book.

Yeah, I probably need to start a chapter on judgment, to remind myself that I don't believe in that either. And that GOOD & BAD are perspectives, opinions, based on comparisons.

So, what would I tell anyone else? This is just the rough draft. Not even that, this is the gathering of ideas. The stream of consciousness. This is the beginning. Keep going. If you want to make a book, you need all of your materials. And this is not about anyone else. This is about me, and my thoughts, and my work, and my commitments. Of the Lila, for the Lila, by the Lila.

And I know how I work. I get it out of my head, onto the paper/screen, THEN i form it into a work of art.

This time (today) I am not going to let my fear or my judgments or my presentiments of other people's possible opinions stop me from working on this book. Today, I am going to be proud of what I have done, and look forward to what else I will do.


Thank you so much for being part of my process. I hope you're having an excellent Day!


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