Sunday, July 16, 2017

Why fuck hate?

I don't understand.

Isn't the whole idea to undo hate? To create a world where hate has no place?

How is fucking the haters a healing thing?

After all, fucking really has little to do with love. And in this context it evokes violence, anger, and fear. And more hate.

Which is just feeding the beast we want to starve to death.

Further, it is a mirror of the beings we despise.
Are we not judging as we feel judged?
Are we not striking as we feel struck?
Are we not raping, restricting, striving to trod down those who by looks or beliefs or deeds are aligned with those who have trespassed against us?

Self-defense is admirable.
Standing up for ourselves, our beliefs, our cultures is laudable.
But when we fuck hate, we become the haters.
And we have created the dance that never ends.

So, no. I will not fuck hate. Or H8TE. (heightte?)

I will give it no earth to root nor wall to smash against.
I will let it pass over and away.
I will dissolve it with love.
Surely love is the greatest weapon against hate.
For hate is a void, a lack of love and acceptance.
And I would fill the world with love.

I will not fuck hate.
I will love.

Are you with me?

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