Saturday, July 15, 2017

How old am I?

How old am I?

My mother gave birth to this body approx 50 years ago.

I died and was resuscitated approximately 10 years ago.

I lived 40 years before my death, so my median age is 50/2= 25.

Family tradition dictates that women stop having birthdays at 30, so I am 30.
Except I'm two years older than my sister who is also 30, so that makes me 32.
And I'm older than my brother, who didn't stop having birthdays, which puts me back to 48.
So  familially, I'm (30+32+48)/3 = 36.

Of course, there are also the components of myself, the many facets, the myriad personalities, talents, hats, skills - all the different shapes into which I shift in response to desire or need or the attitude of the person I'm conversing with. But it's difficult to give actual "age" or even number to all those Lilas, so we won't even try.

However, I know I am the accumulation of all my experiences, and so every moment a new me is created, birthed from the experiences of all the mes before.
Which means I am one moment old.
And I am two moments old.
And I am three moments old.
etc. Therefore:

* If we postulate that a moment equals one breath (inhaled and exhaled);
* and for the sake of easy math we'll say that one breath is 10 seconds in length
* then the calculated number of moments in a day would 6 (per minute) x 60 (minutes per hour) x 24 (hours per day) which equals 8640 moments.

Therefore our age would be 1 multiplied exponentially by 50 (years) x 365 (days) x 8640 (moments).

And our average age would be THAT total divided by 157,680,000 of course.

And we mustn't forget all of the births and deaths and moments that happened to "me" in all of the previous lifetimes of my/our existence. And/or those moments which have yet to happen, if time is not actually linear.

And then of course there is the question of how old I feel - which changes based on who I am speaking with. But again, that's too flexible for me to calculate.

and I am 10.
and I am 25.
and I am 30.
and I am 32.
and I am 48.
and I am 50 (approximately).
and I am (1!157,680,000)/157,680,000.
and I am 1!157,680,000

And I am (all of that)  x (an unknown number of lives and experiences before and after)
                + all of those variations based on activity and company.

How old am I?

I am eternal.

How old are you?

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