Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Book - Aaaargh! Where do I start?

Okay, I have blithely promised myself and the Universe that I will work on the happiness book.

I have even made a commitment to work on it for 30 minutes most nights.

Great. Now what?

"Just start writing!"

Yes, yes. I understand. I totally know that part. Writing for 30 minutes is the goal, and I can edit later, it doesn't matter what I put down right now, it doesn't even have to make sense yet, not even to me.

It is not a dearth of ideas that blocks my writing... it is the abundance of them!

Do I write about perspective or equality first? Value or uniqueness? Spiritual growth, mental growth, physical growth? Family (mwahahahaha) or plans for the future? Friends or past travel? Education or choices?

Do I write the exercises? The meditations? The formulas? The possibilities?

Or do I write the seminars and the classes and the thought process?

Or do I write the stories?

Do I start with my inspirations or my aspirations?


To mess with an old favorite song:
"Too many options
Too little time!"

Which, yes, is not true. I have as much time as I need. And obviously a plethora of material. And the beauty of the computer and the variety of writing programs I have is, I can start one idea today (if I'm feeling really strongly about equality) and work on another tomorrow (because I'll be pondering past travel.)

And, ha ha, because of this post, I will probably start with an exercise - perhaps on figuring out where to start? Because it is just another form of "What do I want?" which is a part of "What is my truth today?"

Well, actually, the exercise will be more generic, because other than this quandary about the book, my brain and my truth are really exploring fixing things today - a post I'm still working on.

But they actually do kind of dovetail anyway, don't they? Hmm.

(vague hand wave in general direction of reader as she wanders off to another word program...)

I hope you have a great day!

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