Thursday, January 4, 2018

Does sending Energy work?

Some years ago, I read an article where the writer sneered in a literal fashion at those of us who sent good energy and prayers and thoughts to help improve another's life. We were admonished to get off our butts and do some physical, tangible good.

And for that writer, it could be that there was no energetic connection with the world. And so he/she was physically incapable of connecting with another on a mental level and helping from a distance. I am grateful that he/she did do tangible acts to assist others.

But in this day and age, where we can connect with another part of the world with the touch of the button, you better believe the energy is a great way to connect. To heal. To help. To conjure. To manifest.  For many of us.

And as more and more people are realizing they are "sensitive," "awake," "spiritual," powerful, there are fewer and fewer obstacles to helping each other with our intentional, mindful thoughts.

So yes. Help heal your loved ones. Keep in touch with your friends. Open doors and create abundance for you and others.

and Believe.

 In God, the Universe, the racial memory, the 99% of the unused brain, the elements, Science, whatever force connects you. Believe in it. Believe in your power.

There are a lot of people out there who can be helped and healed and freed by the energy of our good intentions.

If only we Believe.

Thank you.

And I hope you have a beautiful day!

-Lila (Believer)

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