Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Today's Happiness Practice - What?!

Today I will be asking the question "What?"

I have found myself lately getting bogged down again in the "how?" How would that work? How could that happen? How would I do that?

But the How - the How is the magic. Far from impossible - "How" has so many possibilities. There are a dozen different ways to get a new/different vehicle, job, house, mate. Some of them are even happy paths.

The question I need to ask is "What?"

What do I want to feel when I have this new/different item?

When I am in these new circumstance, what do I want to experience?

And best of all... what will be different when the transformation is finished?

For example - what will a new/different car bring? What will it feel like driving it?  What is my  reaction to the price when I fill it with gas? What about when I drive in snow? In rain? On a sunny day down the high way? What will be different? What am I feeling?

When I have that money I am manifesting... what will change with my/our wardrobe? Will I shop differently? What will change with my meals? What will I be thinking about when I wake up in the morning?

WHAT will be different?

Whether it's a change in health, or possessions, or job - What will it be different from now?

I hope you have a great day! (What does that feel like for you?)


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