Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Today's Happiness Practice... do I Believe?

There was a meme on FB the other day - about how empaths need order, organization. So a messy space results, for the empath, in difficulty being productive.

I expect that works for a messy inbox also. The number of emails, papers, envelopes, sticky notes, documents can feel overwhelming and, if you're like me, can cause the overwhelming desire to go read a book. Behind a closed door. Preferably in a secluded forest glade no one knows about.

Which, in the end, adds to the pile of things to do.

This is something I have been struggling with - wait, reword - something I have been working on for a long time. The Time Management project, is what I've been calling it.

But it's not really Time Management. It's space management. It's information management. It's knowing what I have and what I need to know.

And here's the thing. EVERYTHING in my pile of things to accomplish this day/week/month/year is something I want to do! Something I have chosen, for the happiness of the Lila. Something I love to do.

But it turns out that loving to do something does not immediately confer a montage of productivity.

The interesting thing - I already have  system in place. I KNOW what is effective in helping me feel productive and competent in juggling all the hats I have in my toolbox. And how many times have I written: "one step at a time." "Practice the habit."

A lot. At least it feels that way to me.

So, we're back to practice. Just practice. The best way to figure out how I do something is to do that thing, and play with it, and make it mine.

And there's one more step to wanting to practice, if you're like me. Belief.

I need to practice believing that I can accomplish all this awesome stuff I want to do. Seeing myself doing it. Feeling myself do it. I can make all the pretty schedules and lists that I want. But do I see myself using them?

How does it feel to use them?
Is there a sense of overwhelming obligation when my day is full of to-do's?
Do I become disappointed if I don't get everything done?
Will I feel satisfaction or frustration as I work my way through the daily lists? Through the sorting? Through the work?

Do I believe I can do everything I want to do?

And, how do I believe I can best get it done?

As usual, the practice comes down to the truth of the moment. Allowing it to be what it is, but also believing in myself. That I will get into the flow that feels beautiful and fulfilling and magical.

Because there is magic in the most mundane things. After all, proper filing and rows of neat numbers are salve for the empathetic soul. Right?

Today I will practice believing in myself and my practice.

And I believe we will all have a great day!

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