Friday, November 30, 2018

What can I say?

For a while, I would say, every day - I am a happy, healthy, wealthy, witch.

Positive affirmation statements to create a preferred, empowered, and (naturally) happy reality.

But then, I heard I was saying it all wrong. Because  saying "I Am" told the Universe that how I am at the time of  utterance is my definition of happy, healthy, and wealthy.


But one can't use the word "becoming", either, because that implies a growth process without the final result. I would always be becoming, and never actually realizing happy, healthy, and wealthy.

So, word smith that I am, I really struggled with how to create my reality, how to form the words to tell the story of the life and person I wish to be. How to bring the amazing awesomeness of myself out into this reality.

And today, thanks to my path partner and a video/class from Dr. Joe Dispenza, I realized something.

Well, more accurately, I remembered something and it became more solid.

The affirmation is about CREATING the reality, not about DECLARING it.

I create my reality. So when I say "I am a happy, healthy, wealthy witch" I am putting out the energy and creating the reality of being the greatest and highest and happiest and healthiest and wealthiest. I am rippling the energy of my desires, of my heart home, out into my personal universe.

Easy peasy. I am not accepting that reality (which is the feeling of depression and oppression and boxed in and poor and sick and old and helpless) as the pinnacle of my life. I am turning this - connected, loved, at one with my body, mind and spirit, abundant in all that I need -  INTO the pinnacle of my life.

Deep breath.

Sink into the heart.

Feel the energy flow through the fingers, up and down the body.

Feel time and space ripple in the personal bubble.

I am happy.
I am healthy.
I am wealthy.
I am living my most awesome life and doing what I love and receiving love.
My world is everything I want it to be.
And it is amazing.

Can you feel it?

So mote it be.

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