Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Thank you for your voice

Just a quick Thank you for expressing your opinion by taking part in the voting. I know it's easy to feel like our voices are lost - especially if our choice is not one of the two current major parties. But every step we take, every time we step up to express our desire about how the world is being created, that is one brick in the new reality.

 It can be difficult, these days, to feel valued. Between political correctness, and fear of offending someone, we can feel stifled. And we can feel bad about ourselves. Oh, so guilty. Because I am better off than her, or I am in a better position than him, or I didn't have such a visably crummy childhood as they. Or I just don't like that person - and that person has a different skin color, belief system, sexuality, way of dressing or speaking - so there must be something wrong with me.

But my feelings are legitimate also. Each and every one of them. The ones that make me feel like a good person and the ones I'm ashamed of. They are all me. I get to think and feel and opine what I think and feel and opine.

And I get to vote for who I want to vote for. Regardless of the size of the party, or the chance of them winning. Because I can't change the system by playing the game. And my voice matters.

Saying my piece matters.

My experience, my needs, and my reality matters.

I get to vote for whom I want to vote. Not because I don't want the other person to win; not because it's the best of two bad choices. But because this is what I am drawn to. This is what I believe in. This is what I really think will make the world a better place.

So thank you for voting. Thank you for putting your opinion out there, no matter what it is.

Thank you for working toward your better world.

Because I do believe we are creating a better world. I insist on it.

I hope we all have a great day.

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