Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Practicing Religions

We practice our religions for moments like these, moments when we feel stifled and heaped upon, unloved and unnoticed, or stared at and ridiculed.  We practice our religions to create the habit of faith, the motions through which to go, so we don’t have to make any other decisions at times of crisis.

It is easy to believe when your sun is shining and the music is playing and you’re dancing because everyone is dancing.  These are moments when it is important to practice, to hone and refine your prayer skills, to perfect the words and learn the motions with your body.  Work harder when it is easier.  Build your fortress of belief phrase by phrase - I believe in, I believe in, I believe in.   When the storm hits, your fortress is where you run to, automatically, to clutch the stuffed animals of fortitude and hide under the blankets of strength.  And you won’t remember all the platitudes and yoga and deep breathing, the kneeling here and anointing there.  You won’t even be searching for them.  You’ll be looking for the hug of the angels’ and the comforting hand of the Deity.  The more you’ve practiced, the easier it will be to find them.

Practice makes perfect, and the only person who can judge the perfection is the you at the moment of need.  So practice your religion, whenever you remember, so that when you run screaming into your fortress, it will be warm and cozy, rejuvenating and comforting, and it will have a direct line to Whomever you need.

We practice our religions, because the sanity we save will be our own.

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