Sunday, March 23, 2014

Ruminate, rinse & repeat

Sometimes, as I begin to expound upon some important topic, I feel an over-whelming sense of familiarity. Have I already given my personal chapter & verse on this issue?  Haven't I already poured out my heart?

Anyone who has tried to change a habit can tell you, it takes more than 1 day, more than 1 try, to make a difference in a life. And what is any moment of life but an attempt, a practice, of new habits? Whether we're changing patterns or perceptions or preferential attitudes, it's the repetition & the practice which perfects it.

Just like a habit desirous of change, a thought process is a repetitious thing.  Whether you're establishing your faith or learning a dance step, you find yourself thinking the same thought, or contemplating the same issue, again and again until you're quite clear in your mind.  It's not a sudden process -- although one day you'll suddenly realize you no longer have the issue --  it's a practice. 

And so, when I think I am repeating a thought process, or a protest, or a declaration of faith or perspective, I go ahead and write it out anyway.  Because practice, repetition, refinement, is the way to know what really works for me.  The way to know what I really think.  To way to scrape off the top layer of thought and dig down to the next level of the issue.

Ruminate, rinse, and repeat. 

I hope you have a great day!


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