Sunday, September 4, 2016

Today's Happiness Practice - Releasing Resistance next level

Today I am going to practice releasing resistance.

Yes, I have been practicing it. I led a workshop. It was helpful. Yay!

But humans are like ogres, and there are layers. And when one exfoliates off that first layer of skin, one finds another whole tougher layer underneath.

Resistance may not be the word for what I'm doing, but the results are the same. Tensing. Avoiding. Deflecting. Distracting. Triggering physical dis-ease which leads to grumpy unhappiness.

Therefore the best first step is also the same.

Say the word. "Breathe."
Inhale and exhale.
Expand the space within me and around me.
Slowly and gently and easily.
Follow the breath down past the heart. The center of truth.
Follow the breath down into the diaphragm. Into the solar plexus - which is the center of action.
Bring the strain and the striving from the forehead down into the center.
Let go of the tension in the legs and bring it up into the center.

Will and intent come from the center - the rest is just processing and production.

Transfer the tension into action and intent.
What is the situation?
What are my choices?
Breathe. Gently. Easily.
Who does the resistance, the triggers, the fear belong to?
Not me.
I know what I need to know.
I know how to make a choice from my truth, from my center, for my health and happiness.
See the situation.
Accept it as it is; list the choices.

Then choose.

Today I am going to practice releasing resistance - transforming it into beneficial action.

I hope you have as easy a day as I expect to!

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