Friday, September 30, 2016

Today's Happiness Practice - Simple Acceptance

Today I am going to accept things as I see them.

Not as I assume them. Not as I feel and react to them.

As I see them.

As they are in simple, basic fashion.

Today's specific example is a bill.

Actually, it's not a even a bill. It says so right on the piece of paper. THIS IS NOT A BILL.

It is a piece of paper showing a statement of owed money to a company I have not heard of for "medical equipment".

Now, first reaction, "Oh my (expletive deity). What a lot of money I owe for my CPAP machine. This is outrageous. This cannot be right. I hate my body."

But... the paper does not say that. It doesn't even say CPAP machine.

It certainly does not say that my body is expensive and annoying and Oh! heaps of coal upon my head for being unworthy of living without help (and all that crap that being hooked to machines triggers in me.) That feeling, which is not a reality but a reaction, is a whole different vortex of energy clearing statements.

I have a piece of paper. It has a lot of words, but very little information that actually means anything to me.

Once I accept that it is a piece of paper, about which I know very little, I know what I can do to change it. Get more information.

Pretty simple.

And I can do this without projection, without assumption of debt, without drama or blame or illness.

Just a phone call.

Or an email.

Or website research.

Or I can even wait to see if a bill does come in. And from whom. And what it says it's for.

I have choices.

And that's all I have. A piece of paper. And choices.

Simple. I can accept that.

And that is all there is to accept.

A piece of paper. The need for more information. Choices.

So simple.

Today I am going to practice SIMPLE acceptance. Drama free. Assumption free. Uncluttered. A pretty decent practice for the New Moon - to release all the extra stuff with which I like to complicate things to feel important and involved and besieged.

I accept simple.

I hope you have a great day!

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