Wednesday, November 30, 2016

LIR 113016 - No Rune

The rune for this week is No Rune... The helpful, unhelpful advice that tells us we know what we're doing; we just need to keep practicing.

And if you're like me, you grudgingly understand. This past week might have been a little easier if I'd remembered to breathe more often, or taken a little more time to listen to my truth.

But that is why it's called practice.

And that's what we get to focus on this week. For every situation, frustration, celebration, call to arms, and desire to rest...

Is it your feeling you are acting on? Are you breathing, connected, calm and focused on your truth? Are you caring for yourself? Are you releasing judgment? Are you allowing abundance and joy and expansion?

Do you believe in yourself?

May we each, every day, be able to say "I am!" And "I do!"

I hope you have an amazing and beautiful week!


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