Wednesday, November 9, 2016

What has changed?

So we woke up this morning with a new president in America, and everything has changed.

Oh. Wait. No it hasn't.

First of all, the new president won't even take office until January, 2017. We still have the Holiday season to celebrate/survive before that official change takes place.

And second - well, let's see.

I still had to talk myself into getting out of bed this morning.
I still have to eat and drink and stretch and dress.
I still have to drive into work.
I still have to communicate with clients and coworkers and friends and family (Or not, as we choose.)
I still have to use the bathroom and put gas in the car and sit down and stand up and turn around. And NOT play dead.
I still have to choose, every minute, which direction to take, which response to make, which truth to embody.
I still have to trust in myself and in the Glorious Omnipotent Divine.
I still have to be.

So what has changed this morning?


I am the center of my Universe, and my universe is still rolling right along.

So I will too.

I hope you have a warm and Universally Divine day!

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