Saturday, December 24, 2016

A moment of calm

Hello to you!

I am sitting in Spirit Wise, hosting a meditation, to bring a moment of calm to this hectic time of year.

Yes, it's about love and giving and other people, but it also seems to be about the tensions and the dead lines and the self doubts and the insecurities. And we run around TRYING so very hard to be, or do, or find that perfect thing that will bring joy to, well, everyone.

So take a moment a me, take a breath in the middle of this tension. And allow yourself to think of yourself,

Breathe out, blowing away all the frustration and expectations and concerns.

Breathe in, following the breath in and down.

Breathe out - expelling the doubts and to do lists and nagging voices.

Breathe in - feel the breath reach your diaphragm, feel the muscles expand and relax.

Breathe out - pushing away all the things that are resistant to your relaxation. Pushing away the tension.

Breathe in - feel the blood tingle down to your toes.

And as you continue to breathe in and breathe out, allow yourself to relax.

Now, someone or something may pop into your mind - do do do, nag nag nag.

Continue breathing, out and in, expanding and relaxing.

Allow that nagging thought, that frustration to sit in the center of your mind's eye. Allow it to be there.

Breathe in all the way down to your pelvic floor.

And breathe out - blowing gently, sending love, patience, acceptance to the tension creating thought.

Breathe in your peace.

Breathe out peace for them, for it.

Breathe in and breathe out until it dissolves, gently, into sparkling atoms.

And feel the tension slide away.

Feel the release of tension flowing down from the crown of the head, down over your face and the down over the back of your head, feel the tension flow away from the neck, away from the shoulders.

Breathe out and blow it all away. Gently.

Breathe in and feel yourself expand.

Allow yourself to be centered, calm, totally you. Better able to move through this joyous season in a fashion that's most aligned with your self, your needs, your truths.

Breathe In. And feel the joy, the peace, the calm, the connection.

And breathe that joy and peace and calm and connection out - doubling, tripling the peace in the world.

Thank you for taking this moment of calm with me.

I hope you have a most joyous celebration.


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