Wednesday, December 21, 2016

LIR122116-Dagaz & RaidoR

Yippee! The year is turning. I can see my next choice on the horizon. I am ready! I am able! I am...

...Not moving forward

Why are I not moving forward?!

Well, cuz, frankly, it's not the best time.

Most people are in the throes of Holiday fever: vacation; weather; travel; family obligations; getting work done quickly so they can do important things.

There's may not be enough room in the brain for new ventures.

But Dagaz assures us the doorway is on the horizon.

As difficult as it may feel, give yourself the gift of patience, perhaps a little daydreaming to feel how you REALLY want the future to feel.  And know, like all good things, time does pass.

Yup, no forward movement... YET.

I hope you have an excellent week, and a beautiful holiday!

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