Saturday, December 24, 2016

Wish (for 2017)

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Hello my friends. And happy birth of a new year.

What an interesting year 2016 has been, full of torrential transition and emotional extremes. If you're like me, you're looking back and saying (possibly with sarcasm) "That was awesome!"

More importantly, you're looking forward and saying, with sincerity and desire, "How can 2017 be better?"

The answer is - In every possible way.

I believe 2017 is going to be better. Happier. More connected. More equal. More true. More desires realized and more realities expanded.

And it is thanks to you that I have such a bright future ahead of me. Each and every one of you has been a part of my journey, and I would not be here without you to walk with, sing with, strive with or against. You have helped me realize my happiness, and I am grateful.

So my gift to you, should you choose to receive it, is a wish, a prayer, a spell. A hope. A dream. An energetic outpouring - of abundance, prosperity, riches.

Some of you may receive cards, but frankly I have a habit of writing things and never sending them, so we're going to do it differently this year.

If you're like me, you occasionally find coins or other forms of currency abundance in random places - the parking lot, a river bank, in the closet, in the car.

This year, at least one of those finds is from me.

This year, I am taking (have taken) my lucky cat bank, full coins and paper, and I am scattering the treasure that is inside. Into water. Into the air. Into the earth. Even into fire.

I am sending out into the universe a symbolic gift of abundance. A prayer, wish, desire, spell, intent that with every effort, every energy output, every interaction you put into the universe... receive back all you need, all you want, all YOU desire.

And so my dears, after you find this gift, clutch it in your hand and receive the abundant possibilities. 

And then, spend it! As societally minor as the denomination is, use it when you buy that book, those shoes, the groceries. Deposit it for the bills, the rent, the vacation getaway. Let it represent all the awesomeness coming your way to make your life easier, happier, healthier, more comfortable. Let it be for YOU.

We expend our energy to make the world a better place, for each other and for our loved ones. So please allow your world to be a better place for you.

May abundance flow; be a grace that you enjoy.
May your riches feed you; and may you employ
Prosperity to keep you
Hale, hearty, whole.

And may your happiness be anchored in your soul.

I hope, I expect you to have a great year!


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