Monday, May 22, 2017

Today's Happiness Practice - Book Healing

Today I have practiced healing a book.

Yeah, really.

Reiki is a healing modality where energy simply flows. I am a vessel. I don't have to direct the energy to heal a specific thing or work in a specific way. I spread my own two hands on (or slightly above) the client. I envision the symbols. The energy flows and heals what needs to be healed.

The "World as Myth" is a belief I connected with through Robert Heinlein. In short, every story everytold is a world, a reality, a place out in the multiverse. So places like Wonderland and Middle Earth and Jurassic Park exist. As do Chalion and Brigadoon. And Zootopia. And all the varieties of Earth that Historic Fiction has imagined.

Because of this belief, I have imbued my stories with a goal, a purpose. Every time someone reads one, a person in this reality (the reality we as a society most universally connect with;) a person who is in a similar situation will find her (or his) healing, happiness, freedom.

Even if that person is only me. (After all, we write what we know, right? Hmm. A psychologist would have a field day. (Hmm again. I think I need to finish the Destiny series!))

This belief of realities extends to the books of others. There are some I won't read because I don't want to give weight to that kind of reality. Some I can't read because I just don't connect with that kind of reality.

And some I have to stop  reading because the reality is so very painful.

And that's a tough one, to decide to stop reading not because of the writing, but because of the worlds created. Because it feels like I'm leaving the characters stuck in their miserable existence. I'm stranding them, by not finishing their journey with them.

Which kind of goes against a whole lot of happiness stuff, cuz it's not my job to finish someone else's journey, etc and so forth.

But I also would like to do something, if I have the power to do something.

And since I'm against censorship, I decided to do a reiki healing on the book. To heal the characters, all of them, whomsoever they represent, in whichever reality.

Yeah, really.

I sat down on the floor, laid my hands upon the book, and let the energy flow.

And it did flow.(That's another thing about Reiki. If healing is not needed or wanted, you (I) just end up sitting there, hands on or just above skin, la-la-lala-la, no matter how hard I envision the symbols.)

So I did my first book healing today.

Or, more accurately, I did a healing of those whom this book might represent - children who grew into adulthood with pain and sorrow and bewildered determination as their bosom companions. People whose worlds ended in war and strife. Societies who changed because they they thought it was the only way to survive.

In my reality, it helped someone. Even if that someone was just my inner child, angry and hurting because of the pain some characters (therefore some people) are enduring.

Today I practiced book healing. And made my reality a better place.

I hope you're having a warm, pain-free day!

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