Saturday, May 13, 2017

Today's Happiness Practice - Tips from Favorite Authors 1

Today I am going to start a practice of moving myself OUT of my creative world.

Twice in the last week, after a bout of creativity, I have gone out to family and been asked if I was okay. "You are distant," I was told.

And it's true. I was distant. In some far off world, being a CREATOR.

Even something as "simple" as making a flyer, or setting up a paypal button, puts me in CREATOR world.

It's not a place I consciously go; it's not a mindset I summon (though perhaps this practice will help me do that.)

But I love being there, where time has no meaning and all that exists is me and the keyboard (and occasionally the printer.)

But it is painful to return. To wrench my focus back to this place and this time. To try and wonder two realities at the same time.

Today I remembered a character in Nora Roberts' book Tribute. The character is a graphic novelist. And he puts himself into AND brings himself out of his creative state with a "magic" phrase.

Yes, I imagine this took practice to set up. Everything does. I expect it isn't as simple as waving my pen and saying "bibbity-bobbity-boo!" and I'm back in attention paying mode. At least not at first.

But I think it is something worth exploring. Creating. Giving myself a start and a stop in the creative process.

Enter a command into my brain so it knows where it's supposed to be looking.

So I can go to this world and return to the physical with little harm to myself, my psyche, and the people around me.

Today I am going to build my portal to and from the world of CREATOR.

And it will be good. 🌞

I hope you're having a great day!

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