Friday, August 5, 2016

(Yesterday's) Happiness Practice - Feeling the Wealth

Today I am going to practice playing with my wealth.

If you're like me, you're emerging into the possibilities of wealth. You can actually feel yourself living the life to which you'd like to be accustomed. But you're wavering a little on that fence of my reality and "Their" reality. (you know, the reality of "Them". "They". Society. The mob.)

You can almost believe, but when it doesn't work right away, you quickly revert to the "I told you so" of the nay-sayers.

Yesterday, I practiced being expansive in my work and expecting and allowing clients and money. And, if we go by Society's view of productivity, NOTHING HAPPENED.

Oh, except I received the message from the Universe that I need to be open to receiving. What?! But! I'd been open all friggin' day! And I had received absolutely bubcus!

At least, in the way of money.

I did make some great connections though, now that I review my day. And I practiced being open with a variety of people. And I did 5 readings! Hmm. Perspective.

But, sorry, off the track, the point of this point is the money part of it. the Wealth. My wealth.

Happily, I did my practice. I breathed. I recognized I was getting ready to head into a big self-doubt vortex, and I called my path partner, my coaching partner. And she reminded me:
 -  the Universe does allow manifestation, even though it's sense of time is different from mine (not exactly comforting, but yes, true.)
 - I have everything I need right now (Martha Beck).
 - I believe in my reality.  - and that was one I was grateful to remember. My belief. My connection with the Universe and my self.

Then we talked about what being wealthy felt like.
I knoLw what being happy feels like. Like peace and a light pouring through me. But what does being wealthy FEEL like to me?

Turns out it is a warm, sensuous flow, like floating in a current of the hot springs. So lovely.


This practice was helped yesterday with a quote from Abraham Hicks. "Your action has nothing to do with your abundance! Your abundance is a response to your vibration."

Abundance isn't frantically doing - it is BEING, growing, connecting.

I had a great day! I hope you do too.

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