Saturday, July 23, 2016

Today's Happiness Practice... Avoid Facebook (right after this post)

Today, for my sanity, I am going to avoid reading Facebook.

More specifically, TONITE I am going to avoid Facebook.

I had my first Happiness seminar today - which means I got to expound on the reasons I believe we all have the right and the responsibility to choose for ourselves and let others choose for themselves.

Basically, I was well entrenched in Lila Land.

So, I thought I would rest my brain, and allow it decompress, by perusing FB and giggling at Kittens and participating in the joy of others' lives.

Instead I found myself yelling at the screen - "But that's not what I've taught you!"  "Weren't you listening?"  "Choose for yourself!" and other niceties.

Then I remembered none of those posters had been at my seminar.

And yeah, even if they had, they still get to choose how to express themselves. But seriously, weren't they listening?!!!

Oh, wait. Not applicable.

So, I'm avoiding Facebook until my brain is back in balance.

Or until the rest of the world adopts my happiness practices.


I hope you're having a great and happy day,


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