Monday, April 1, 2013

Life in Runes - April 2013

The rune for April is Jera R.

Jera most often stands for the harvest, & reaping rewards. Jera says to get something, you must give something.

But this Jera is reversed (big grin) which means the rules of balance are overturned.  We can receive gifts, rewards, benefits, harvest – just because we want it.

Yes, you do deserve the rewards coming your way.  Whether “earned” or gifted, we all deserve to have abundance in our lives.  Every day.  Easy and joyful.

Not that you HAVE to accept anything that’s offered.  But please make the choice based on your desires, your wants, your happiness.

This month’s Jera is also a fire stone, which leads us back to the new beginnings of the Equinox.  So after you make sure there are no strings attached, grab your prize and dance through the streets.  Celebrate.  You’re a winner!

Jera R in fire - let your unexpected abundance be the spark that creates more abundance.  You deserve it.  We all do.

And I hope you have a great day.