Friday, May 17, 2013

Life in Runes - Naihwaz

Life in Runes - Naihwaz
Asking for what you need.

Naihwaz is the rune of need - you will be given the tools you need to accomplish your tasks.
When people think of what we need, we tend to think small, the basics.  Two sticks to rub together, for fire.  A leaf to keep water off.  A blanket that can serve as coat or robe or night covering.  Just the basics.  Enough to survive.
Ladies and gentlemen, in this day and age, two sticks are neither effficient nor helpful.  What we need is a never ending box of light anywhere matches. Or a self fueled propane torch.  Perhaps a flame thrower.  We need the whole tree, not just one leaf.  But since we're talking about shelter, to keep the rain off and the heat out and the snow away, we rwally need a fully furnished house (or apartment or condo or vehicle) in excellent shape.  We need clothes for all occassions.
So, when you're thinking about what it is you need, think what you REALLY need.  Let's do more than make do.  Let's create.  Let's manifest drafting tables and computers, chainsaws and Sharpie pens, the enitre patio set and a dutch oven.  Let's bring in the houses and the vehicles and the clothes and the stone fireplace.  And remember to conjur the companions to share the labor and the joy.
What do you need?  Not just to get by, not just to survive.  but to thrive!

I hope you have a great day.