Saturday, January 28, 2017

Today's Happiness Practice - patience with myself

Today I am going to practice patience with myself.

I have been reminded that recovery is a slow process. We may feel awesome and amazing when we're sitting down, or just waking up. We can anything. We can do EVERYTHING!

Until we actually try to get up and do something.

And the years pass and it's so tempting to berate ourselves for the sluggish responses, the becoming tired easily, the distractions, the desire to just sit and look out the window. (pretty!)

But as I look out the window, I am able to think back and see all the progress I have made. Realize how each step I have taken has increased my strength, my tolerance, recovered my skills, reformed my ability to be productive or stay on my feet or feel happy.

Progress sometimes makes the relapse seem twice as disappointing.

So I'm not going to call it relapse. It's not a relapse. It's simply an ebb. A waning. Energy flows. Life cycles. We are not in a constant state of "go" and "on" and "ability". We simply feel like we are because we are used to the ebb and the flow. We automatically correct our course, use our resources.

Until we have to start over and relearn.

So whether you're recovering from a major health issue, or an emotional one, a spiritual one or a societal one, join me in allowing yourself patience. In celebrating the waxing of strength and joy, and moving gently through the waning.

Today I am going to practice having patience with myself. Because the less I struggle to force myself forward, the more able I am to access all of my resources.

I hope you have a great day!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Why Donald Trump?

I am a writer. And I have created a fantasy world.  

In this alternate Earth, there is a place called Ainland, that is ruled by a Queen.

Naturally there are people who expect they can do a better job of ruling, who want to make Ainland a better place according to their faith and their needs. They storm the castle and take the throne. But once they put the crown upon their head, She or He or It becomes the next Queen. Literally. Personal preference and past connections are forgotten; and the new female ruler is compelled to do what is best for the Land and the people.

Things obviously don’t work that way in America. Every human being, including the elected officials, business heads, philosophers, and spiritual leaders - everyone has free will. And a variety of opinions and beliefs.

So when Donald Trump swears himself into the office of the President of the United States, he will not magically transform into the best being or gender for the job. But what he will become is the elected official. Chosen through the system that is in place - a system based upon the opinions and choices of each and every citizen of the country. It may not be the best system but, since we don’t have a magic crown, it is the system we are working with. 

Our job now is to accept the choice, and, while we work to create a better system, work with the President we have. Even if he is the first person in the oval office to have a less than sterling character.

Oh, wait. He’s not.

Philandering, bias, looking out for their own interests, prejudice, misogyny… We (the people) have seen it all. And setting aside sexual misconduct (presumed or known,) what about the policies and intentions and actions for or against a specific race or class or gender or faith? These issues didn’t just spring up over the latest election night. 

Despite the documents which clearly state the purpose of our government, and the reason for the founding of this country, the current system does not treat all men and women as equal; nor does it afford them - afford us - equal self-evident chances to pursue life, liberty and happiness.

And since the system is made up of people, that means we as the people are not treating each other as equal. 

But maybe that is because we are not treating ourselves as deserving of equality. We have been hiding ourselves, desperately attempting to fit in, to either mold ourselves, or show the mask of social correctness. Finding the pack that will ensure the survival of our beliefs.

Or if that doesn’t work, trying to change the pack to fit our beliefs. Our needs. Throw a tantrum. Lash out. Bully our neighbors.

And now we have in office a man who is,or so I’ve heard (I’ve never actually read one of his books or watched a speech,) a bully, a braggart, an opinionated, self-righteous, misogynistic business man. An “ugly American.”

It appears he’s not hiding anything. We know of his actions and attitudes towards women, toward immigrants and aliens (though I’m not sure about ALIENS.) We know his attitudes toward races and classes and businesses. Towards celebrities and popular culture.

We know that because of his election, more people are showing themselves. White supremacists. Religious fanatics. Military extremists. Feminism. Black Rights. Gay rights. Human Rights. Activists for and against any number of beliefs and opinions.

We know that the emperor has no clothes; and he isn’t trying to tell us that he does. And so people feel it’s okay to strip off their own costumes.

And I think that is great. I think it’s time to be able to be ourselves. To stand up for our beliefs. To express the truth in our hearts. That is freedom! Not to inflict my belief on someone else, but definitely to be able to stand on the street corner and express with words my opinion. No matter what it is.

To each express and celebrate ourselves and our beliefs without fear of violence or oppression. Even if those beliefs are that the Native Americans make better New York cops than the Irish Americans (cuz of the horses.) Or that African American men are the only ones allowed to sing the bass line in the Hallelujiah Chorus. (It’s a gospel thing.) Or that homosexual Americans have better math skills than hetrosexual Americans. (Yeah, I have no basis for that one.)

I don’t expect you to believe all rulers should be Queen. 

What I’m asking, what I am practicing, is honoring and respecting the opinions of my fellow Americans, and allowing the country to continue it’s growth.

Maybe Donald Trump is the best representative for the country right now, this Ugly American. This brash inarticulate business man who wants to “Make America Great Again.” This being whose existence is bringing out the worst and the best in us.

Who knows what we really need? Except for the system to change. To allow us all to live - not similar lives, not cookie cutter versions of a single belief system - but equally. Each and every one of us secure in our truths and beliefs: lion and wolf and gazelle and eagle and dinosaur. Yellow and red and black and white and brown. Pine, juniper, willow, oak, and palm tree. Side by side. Honoring the fact that as people we are all equal. And all allowed our opinions.

Maybe his wall is a good thing.

But let’s not stop at Mexico. Let’s build one up by Canada too. Let’s enclose ourselves in a cocoon. So we can finish this transformation cycle. So that we can work it out amongst ourselves - we the people who have CHOSEN to stay here in the United States of America - we can argue and prophecy, protest and express, learn and conquer our fears and find ourselves.
And we can emerge a more civilized people who truly carry out the mandates on which the country was built.
One nation (not two parties and an unheard majority,)
 under GOD (no belief or title designated,) 
indivisible (unless we’re talking sports events,)
 with Liberty and Justice and equality for ALL.

Thank you.
Thank you for reading my opinion.
And I hope you have a great day.


Saturday, January 7, 2017

LIR 011817 - GeboR off the mat

Balance, fairness, energy flow? What would you like it to be, really?

GeboR is about how the energy is not balanced. The different parts of the project or relationship or situation are not all giving and receiving in equal measure, which can cause distress.

But this GeboR is off the mat. This means it is not the imbalance that is driving the situation; it is the subconscious fear of or hope for imbalance that is the energy behind the perspective.

We are amazingly powerful beings. And we decide the future. If we are focused on how unfair something could be, we are going to see the imbalance we expect.

Now, if that's what your hope is, if that's what works happiest for you, expect away. In your truth, one part or side  or person needs to be stronger;  another part needs more support. That is your truth and it is right for you!

But if this imbalance is a fear, perhaps it will help to change what you are looking for. What do you want to see in your situation, project, relationship? What kind of balance would you like to perceive?

By changing how you look at it, changing the expectation, you can see how you want the reality to be - and see how and where and when and what you can do you make it so.

GeboR off the mat - don't let the energy that is driving your situation be subconscious. You get to decide whether balance or imbalance is the best truth for your moment.

I hope you have have a great week!

LIR 011116 AnsazR & BerkanoR

This week is less about growth and inspiration, and more about taking a good hard look at what's in front of us.

Whatever the situation, project, or relationship, before it can grow and prosper, it needs to be solid in its foundation.

Do all the pieces fit together so far? Is the logic logical? Do the facts check out? Is the outline, the premise, the foundation, the base, the canvas fully ready to move forward? Is it solid as it is?

This is the week to take a good, hard look at whatever is bringing the frustration, and ask yourself what is its truth?

Will the center hold?

I hope you have an excellent week!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Today's Happiness Practice - Timeliness

Today I'm going to practice timeliness.

This is not so much being on time for things, as being aware of how much time I take, how much I need, for certain things.

Being aware of what I want to, and what I actually can, achieve in the time I have today.

And finally, knowing that today's time management has nothing to do with tomorrow, or next week. When things are in transition, I can really only make a plan for today's time. I still can't be sure of everything that's going to happen today, but I have a pretty good idea of what's going to happen to me, what time and what obligations I have chosen, so today I can plan.

Not tomorrow.

So today, I'm going to decide what I want to do today.

I hope you have a great day!

PS - one of things I practiced today was video meandering - the link may eventually be available here