Tuesday, December 25, 2018

My Solstice Wish

Hello, dear ones!

What a year it has been. So much to celebrate - endings and beginnings. So much growth and transformation it's difficult to know whether to laugh or cry or hide under the covers. And if you're like me, there is a lot of gratitude that the year has ended - rather like being grateful for night fall, because you know the day is finally done, and another has yet to begin.

But here we are at the new year. The dark days of introspection and healing are winding down; the lightening days of planning and looking forward are coming on.

This year, once more, I wish us abundance. That all within our greatest and highest good comes down; that everything we need appears; that all the positive and amazing energies we put out into the world return to us threefold. That all of our happiness grows as we find our footing and our foundations.

And this year I would like to focus on something more -  the abundant self.

We each are amazing and creative beings. WE each have so much to give - and the more we are ourselves, pure and strong and true, the more we can give from our heart and the more we can receive and the more power we have over our reality. But it can be difficult to find ourselves, to believe in self, to really know, in the deepest part that we can hear, that to be myself is the best I can possibly do. That that is the reason for my creation. That this being me is my greatest gift. And you being you is your greatest gift.

So this year, the gift I am spreading out into the world is that of stones - big stones, little stones, beads, baubles, bangles. I scatter them for you to find. So that when you are searching for a little more inspiration, a little outside knowledge that you are enough, you will find a stone. One that sparkles, or flashes, or washes up - and you will pick it up in your hand, and you will know, without any doubt whatsoever, that you are not alone. That you have a connection to the Divine, and through the divine, to all who love you. To all who cheer for you. To all who believe in you. Including me.

And whenever you need that extra mmmph, as we all do, the stone, my wish, and the belief of the Universe, will be there for you.

strong as stone, steadfast and true
I know what I was born to do
I believe in the power of me
to be the best that I can be.

I hope we all have an awesome and amazing Year.