Thursday, October 18, 2012

I can Rune your Life - September

The rune chosen for September is Hagalaz. Hailstorm. The rune of change and transformation.

Big surprise. We’ve been living with storms of transition for over a year now. What can Hagalaz tell us that we don’t already know, often to our sorrow? The runes that clarify are Jera, the harvest, and Teiwaz, expediency.

When the Universe taketh away, the Universe giveth. So you’d better decide what you want right now.

September is the time of harvest and the results of our labor are coming home. But make no mistake, a shower of gold can be just as, um, exciting, as one of ice. Rapid changes in fortune, situation, feelings, choices – these can be as terrifying in their overabundance as they were in their absence. There will still be difficult decisions. So take time now, while you have it, to prepare.

What do you want to be holding onto when the storms of change finally pass away? What do YOU need? What do you wish to protect? And what are you willing to stand up for? Now is the time to demand, to visualize, to expect, to believe.

Hagalaz - the Spirit of Fire - changes everything it touches. Vacancies don’t last for long. Prepare for your harvest. Cuz it’s gonna be a doozie.

- Lila

Enlightenment is Awesome - Juggling Water

I am juggling. I know, I KNOW, if I just let my hands drop, the balls will stay in the air. In fact some of them will float away, because I am no longer trying desparately to attract them to my hand. I know that if I can remove myself from the chaos, get out of the storm all together, that I can be calm and happy and content and not so freaked and sad.

But even that perspective is deceiving. One has to be in the middle of the storm to view its effect. One has to feel the vibes to hear the music. One has to be in the water to be part of the flow.

So. To stand in the torrent. To stand. Not to float or be swept away, but to stand. An isle of calm. To let the water flow around me and through me. To let it flow through me while maintaining my self, my integrity, my needs and desires. Perhaps to even transform it, improve it, lighten it, assist it to be what it needs to be, what the race needs it to be, what my clan and community need it to be.

But, currently, the important part is to maintain my self.  There are likely other lessons later. But before I can let myself go, I must be myself fully in all situations. To tighten and release at the same time. To hold and let go. Am I letting too much go? I am still my core. As long as I am on this planet, I am me. With my bodily needs and my emotional needs and my chemical needs and my spiritual needs.

And that’s the end of the flow of consciousness for this moment. So let it be.