Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Today's Happiness Practice - What?!

Today I will be asking the question "What?"

I have found myself lately getting bogged down again in the "how?" How would that work? How could that happen? How would I do that?

But the How - the How is the magic. Far from impossible - "How" has so many possibilities. There are a dozen different ways to get a new/different vehicle, job, house, mate. Some of them are even happy paths.

The question I need to ask is "What?"

What do I want to feel when I have this new/different item?

When I am in these new circumstance, what do I want to experience?

And best of all... what will be different when the transformation is finished?

For example - what will a new/different car bring? What will it feel like driving it?  What is my  reaction to the price when I fill it with gas? What about when I drive in snow? In rain? On a sunny day down the high way? What will be different? What am I feeling?

When I have that money I am manifesting... what will change with my/our wardrobe? Will I shop differently? What will change with my meals? What will I be thinking about when I wake up in the morning?

WHAT will be different?

Whether it's a change in health, or possessions, or job - What will it be different from now?

I hope you have a great day! (What does that feel like for you?)


Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Today's Happiness Practice... ME

Part of the Happiness Practice has been the Truth of the Moment.

Another part of the Happiness Practice is the question: "Who does that belong to?"

And of course, there is the age old question - what will bring me Happiness?

So, when one is laying down and enjoying an old favorite book and the time comes to get up and take a shower...
...part of self says, oh, let's just keep reading. We want to finish the book today. We are so comfortable. We really love this book and the cool part hasn't happened yet... (well, the next cool part.)
...and part of self says, you told yourself you would do this. You'll feel better if you do this.
...and part of self says, you know what, I am so tired of this argument, let's just go to bed and deal with it all tomorrow.
...and then there's the part that says, hey, if we have time before bed, we should work on writing
...and the part that wants to work on admin stuff
...and the part

Who does that belong to? Well, honestly, they all belong to me. It's much easier to stay and read. To not move. 
But I will feel better, happier if I get up and take a shower today. And I've been doing so well with getting things done today.
But I really need my sleep. I could sleep more. 
Or do more dishes. 
Or work on this or that... 

What will bring me happiness?
Well, they all will, one way or the other. Different actions will bring different parts of me happiness. (So there, nyah.)


What will bring the center of me -- the deep down me, the one that controls the manifestation and believes the world is an awesome place, the powerful and amazing and vulnerable me -- what will bring ME happiness?

I got up and took a shower.
And the cool thing, the awesome thing, was I immediately felt that deep down happiness. I don't have to wait for tomorrow, to be glad I took a shower today. My mind, body, and spirit were all in agreement that this was happiness.

So today, and tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow, I will continue practicing the happiness of ME - beyond the immediate moment, knowing that the truth of the moment is now about the whole, and that the sense of right is immediate and bright.

And I believe in the day when every moment is full of truth and bright and lightness of being.

I hope your Happiness is blooming!

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Does sending Energy work?

Some years ago, I read an article where the writer sneered in a literal fashion at those of us who sent good energy and prayers and thoughts to help improve another's life. We were admonished to get off our butts and do some physical, tangible good.

And for that writer, it could be that there was no energetic connection with the world. And so he/she was physically incapable of connecting with another on a mental level and helping from a distance. I am grateful that he/she did do tangible acts to assist others.

But in this day and age, where we can connect with another part of the world with the touch of the button, you better believe the energy is a great way to connect. To heal. To help. To conjure. To manifest.  For many of us.

And as more and more people are realizing they are "sensitive," "awake," "spiritual," powerful, there are fewer and fewer obstacles to helping each other with our intentional, mindful thoughts.

So yes. Help heal your loved ones. Keep in touch with your friends. Open doors and create abundance for you and others.

and Believe.

 In God, the Universe, the racial memory, the 99% of the unused brain, the elements, Science, whatever force connects you. Believe in it. Believe in your power.

There are a lot of people out there who can be helped and healed and freed by the energy of our good intentions.

If only we Believe.

Thank you.

And I hope you have a beautiful day!

-Lila (Believer)