Thursday, September 18, 2014

Just Meandering

Hi!  Guess what?!  I'm still here!  Yay!!!!!

And I have high hopes for future production.  I have started being serious - okay, serious is the wrong word.  Perhaps, intensive.  I have started being intensive about my productivity.  Which requires not only knowing what I want to get done, but figuring out how I do it.  I have written many posts about this, I simply haven't actually posted them all yet.  (It's on the list!  *G*.)

Happily, as we round the corner to Fall and the Harvest, I can feel all the pieces coming together.  I can feel the practice settling in; and the habits I WANT to form, the habits that make me happy, are claiming their places.

There is, of course, a lot of work to do.  After all, the goal is productivity, right?  And a few things to finalize (like my latest book, YAY!).  And often, just when I think I have a handle on my preferences, my body introduces something new, or my husband's schedule changes, or it snows.  Or Zynga puts kittens on Castleville Legend.  (Yeah, I have been practicing being productive BEFORE earning kittens.  Yay me, again.)

So, we're still working on the pattern.  But it's obvious posting makes me happy, cuz I keep coming back to it.  Even if I'm being sporadic about it right now.  Sometimes, when practicing production, one ends up focusing on the things which are new, until they are soft and pliable and fit well into the tapestry of...  
...woof, lost that metaphor.  Talk about meandering.

So, I hope to see you again soon.  Or, more accurately, I hope you will see me again soon.

I hope your harvest is coming in even more lush and abundant than you expected.

And I hope you have a great day!