Saturday, April 21, 2018

Helen of Memory

Helen Larkin has passed into memory. 

You may have known Helen through Spirit Wise, or through Barnes & Noble, or through me. For many years she was a consistent part of my reality. 

I met her at Barnes & Noble - she was a member of my romance book club, and became an employee at B&N.
She brought me to Spirit Wise. (Or brought Spirit Wise to me?)
We put up with each other, cared for each other, shared movies and food and hopes and fears, communicated and miscommunicated, for over ten years before our ways parted.

She loved to sing; she liked to write; she enjoyed exploring new places.
She endured a lot of pain.
She impacted countless lives.
She shared her knowledge, her spiritual path, her skills, and her wicked wit.
My favorite memory is the night we sat in Ihop, making ourselves and each other helpless with laughter.

Thank you, Helen, for all you have done and been and given to my life. I am so glad the pain has gone. I expect you are already busy helping, guiding, healing, manifesting without the annoying limitations of the physical body.

Wise woman of the dark moon, I honor you.

Love & Unicorns,