Thursday, September 26, 2013

Enlightenment is Awesome - Who? Me?

I believe we are all connected.

I believe we all, to quote Heinlein, “art God.”

I believe we each create our own Heaven.  Thus, when someone believes someone else did not make it into “their” Heaven, they are really condemning a part of themselves to disconnection.

Let’s take it one step further.  What if it’s more than “we are all connected”?

What if it is actually “We are all one”?

We are all one.

We are one.

I am one.

Therefore, I am alone.

Each and every one of you is… not a figment of my imagination, but a part of myself.  An image created upon the screen of my mind to fully explore all the infinite possibilities of being.  I am every flower petal, every breath upon the wind, every tear of acid rain.  I am every baby being born, every child crying, every boy running, every girl twirling.  I am every youth and adult and elder in every community.  I am starving and bloated and pleasantly full.  I am a drug user and a purist, a cannibal and a person on a very well balanced diet.  If I can think it, somewhere out there, I am it.
Why are there now so many people the world can barely hold us?  Because every moment, as my consciousness expands, more possibilities come into play.  I am able to conceive of more realities.  There are more “ifs” and there need to be more players.
Why is the world itself becoming more connected through technology?  Because it’s time, now, to open my world to all my selves, to feel everything felt, to think everything, to experience everything!  It’s the ultimate in living vicariously.
Think about it, if you dare.  There are many people you know who are out of sight.  Friends in other countries; family in other cities; parents in other buildings; loved ones in other rooms.  Do they really exist?  Are they really there?  You can email them, sure.  But the mind loves electricity.  The brain IS electricity.  Sending an email to yourself, that’s easy.

Oh wait.  Sorry.  If my hypothesis is fact, then you/I am already thinking about connectedness and there is no need to dare myself/ you to do so.  (Does my brain hurt yet?)

I am the thief and the victim.  I am the mother and the child.  I am the past and the future.

I am.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Give me backspace or give me... backspace

Well.  I have recently discovered I am set in my ways.  So very set in my ways.  I have tried to change; I have explored different options.  But, I admit it.  I am, well, I'm a pc'er.

And even as I write this I realize I haven't looked at any "new" pc laptop keyboards.  What if they  have eliminated the backspace button also?  Eeep!

You see, in my old fashioned keyboards, to erase a character (or multiple characters) before the cursor, one pressed the backspace button.  It was an arrow, pointing to the left.  In the apple laptop and the mobile keyboard devices I have, this is now the delete button.  It does still erase characters before the cursor (to the left.)

However, on my old fashioned and very much missed pc laptop keyboard, the del button, in a word processing program, would erase characters BEHIND the cursor.  One could change the beginning of a sentence from the beginning of a sentence, or remove that pesky extra space after the period.  One could just hit del if one decided rejoin the next sentence to the current paragraph (very handy, the way I do my editing.).  And, if one clicked on the left of the letter being changed instead of the right, one could still change the word.

One didn't have to get all fiddly with exact placement of the blue arrow so one could correct one letter in a word on a really small screen!

So.  To sum up.  I like my word processing program (WordPerfect).  I'm going to find a way to return to it.  I like my data base (Access).  I'm going to find a way to return to it.  And I love my backspace/ del buttons.  So, bye bye all you minimalistic keyboards.  Hello pc laptop.

It's true.  You don't know what you're missing until you've sprained your finger hitting a button that is no longer there.