Monday, December 18, 2017

Why am I glad to be a Pagan?

I work in retail. That means, 'tis the season to work until you drop, smile that Up With People smile, and keep that brain working so you can remember what the sale for this [week, day, hour, insert fluctuating time measure here] is.

I have been practicing honoring my faith this year... saying my prayers every morning, being mindful of my words and actions and how they coincide with my beliefs, and, of course, celebrating the Holy Days.

And I have to tell you, the Holiday season is a bit of a struggle between Faith and Work. Because one of our high holy days is Yule (aka Solstice, MidWinter, the Shortest Day, the Longest Night.) For some it's even the beginning of the year.  And there are BIG celebrations - in fact, every year, there is a drumming up of the sun at Red Rocks, here in Colorado.

The date for this joyous event - the return or birth of the sun - is on or around the 21st of December.

4 days before Christmas.

Smack dab in the middle of the most frantic shopping week in America.

Faith or Work? Work or Faith?

This year I actually chose Faith. I chose to take not one, but TWO whole days to celebrate my perspective of and connection with the natural cycles of the earth and the Universe. And oh! I had such a list of possibilities. To drum? To walk in nature? To meditate? To write and sing and dance and maybe attend a circle or two? And I could even clean a little; decorate a little; dress up a little!

And today, on the 18th, I'm not sure what I'm going to do. 

Because today, I am simply grateful to have two days away. Two days without having to exercise patience and compassion and understanding. Two days of not trying to find a parking spot. Two days off my feet!!!

Yup, I am grateful to be a Pagan. And I will celebrate the Solstice happily.

 If I wake up long enough to acknowledge what day it is.

I hope you are finding some good, celebrational rest and recovery time, too. 

- Lila

Oooh! I bet I could drum lying down...

Saturday, December 16, 2017

I release. and I receive.

I release all I no longer need.
Mentally, physically, and emotionally, I release all which no longer serves me.

I release the commitment to MONEY.
I release the belief that my worth is measurable by my income versus expenses ratio.
I release the thought that my worth can be measured in terms of money, intelligence, strength, or skill in a particular area.
I release the idea that my worth is measurable by my choice of profession, hobbies, activities, friends, music, clothes…
I release the belief I have to compare myself to anyone.
I release the belief that my worth can be dictated by any other standards than those I set for myself.
I release the blind following of health - mental or physical or emotional - advice.
 I release the blind belief of any information. About anything. Including my physical appearance, my faith, my future, and my world.
I release connection and commitment to any truth that is not my own, regardless of its source. Even if it was something I believed yesterday.

I release ALL I no longer need.
I accept and receive all I need, all I want, all I desire.

So mote it be.