Saturday, July 21, 2018

Today's Happiness Practice... Asking to Receive

Today I am practicing asking so I can practice receiving.

I would like to have more money for my trip to Wales.

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Soapbox of Perception - Choices and Consequences 2018

If you're like me, you've grown up knowing that actions & choices have consequences. And you've related that to personal choice and personal consequence.

But, as within, so without. Choices that affect the big, wide world have big world-wide consequences. As is exemplified by the inequalities and difficulties in the world today.

The other day, a friend wondered what the consequences of the current Political situation would be.

But I think that the current political, societal, and economical situations ARE the consequences.

Of restricting ourselves to "us" and "them"...
Of limiting ourselves to the "lesser of two evils"...
Of constricting the American dream, the human dream, to the desires of a few...

We (America and humanity) have arrived here, where fear is a constant in almost every life.
Where we strike out and blame and see limited choices.
Where we strive to be, not what we admire or desire, but what will make us powerful in the eyes of others and help us survive.
Where war and hate and struggle and "sides" seem to be the only options.
Where the lessons of history are that we have to fight, and defeat, and conquer those who disagree with us.
Where fear has us feeling like there are no choices, there is no peace, no future.
Where even more than ever, we need to find the tribe, the state, the company, the country where we will be safe.

And maybe some are happy with this status. Maybe it's too difficult right now to think beyond the next survival.

But if you're like me, you are ready to wonder.

What would the consequences be if we started choosing for ourselves, instead of finding a company line to follow?

How different would the world, our world, feel, if we each stepped away from the fighting and the name calling and the "way it's always been" and moved toward freedom for all?

How much less fear would we have, will we have, can we have, if we expand our choices to the ones that include what feels right and good and happy for each of us individually - the ones that have no evil at all - the ones that don't exclude anyone.

Because every big, world wide consequence is actually the result of a zillion people making individual choices.

And if you're like me, you are ready to explore the real question...

...If you could create any world you wish, what would you choose?

I hope your day is beautiful, and all your choices feed your truth.