Thursday, January 1, 2015

Life in Runes

Capricorn 2014 - 2015

The rune for the coming month is no rune at all. 

If you're like me, it's a little difficult to swallow that.  It feels like we barely made it through the last moon cycle with our sanity intact.  And now you're telling me "You've got this?"  I need guidance!

But the universe says I've got all I need.  So, what do I have?

Well, I have all these gifts, all these dreams, all these foundations I have been creating.  Personally, I have some catch phrases, some new services, some identities.  I have a book ready for publishing.  I have a beautiful place to live - and some allergies and some new questions about the weather and my desire to tolerate it.  I have belief and determination.  I have some very strong opinions.  And I have a lot of practice under my belt.

I guess that's enough to build on.

Grudgingly,  the universe did gave one little nugget.  If I really need, if you really need, something to guide our thinking, to ground the whirlwind of thoughts and ideas, if you need a rope to grasp onto…
…think about the flow.  The flow from the past to the future.  The flow of the pack.
  Is it a flow you want?  Or a flow you don't?  Is it a connection you wish to maintain, or one to release?

Dear ones, the time of the individual is on the rise.  We are not fighting for our pack or our nation or even for humanity's continued existence as a race.  Humanity has definitely dominated the earth in numbers.  We are now working to each be our own unique block in the quilt, to accept ourselves so we can accept the differences of each other.  To be a better race, a race of quality. 

Find your individual quirks.  Revel in your personal passions.  Dream.  Practice.  And celebrate.

I hope you have a great month!