Friday, September 30, 2016

Today's Happiness Practice - Simple Acceptance

Today I am going to accept things as I see them.

Not as I assume them. Not as I feel and react to them.

As I see them.

As they are in simple, basic fashion.

Today's specific example is a bill.

Actually, it's not a even a bill. It says so right on the piece of paper. THIS IS NOT A BILL.

It is a piece of paper showing a statement of owed money to a company I have not heard of for "medical equipment".

Now, first reaction, "Oh my (expletive deity). What a lot of money I owe for my CPAP machine. This is outrageous. This cannot be right. I hate my body."

But... the paper does not say that. It doesn't even say CPAP machine.

It certainly does not say that my body is expensive and annoying and Oh! heaps of coal upon my head for being unworthy of living without help (and all that crap that being hooked to machines triggers in me.) That feeling, which is not a reality but a reaction, is a whole different vortex of energy clearing statements.

I have a piece of paper. It has a lot of words, but very little information that actually means anything to me.

Once I accept that it is a piece of paper, about which I know very little, I know what I can do to change it. Get more information.

Pretty simple.

And I can do this without projection, without assumption of debt, without drama or blame or illness.

Just a phone call.

Or an email.

Or website research.

Or I can even wait to see if a bill does come in. And from whom. And what it says it's for.

I have choices.

And that's all I have. A piece of paper. And choices.

Simple. I can accept that.

And that is all there is to accept.

A piece of paper. The need for more information. Choices.

So simple.

Today I am going to practice SIMPLE acceptance. Drama free. Assumption free. Uncluttered. A pretty decent practice for the New Moon - to release all the extra stuff with which I like to complicate things to feel important and involved and besieged.

I accept simple.

I hope you have a great day!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

LIR 92816 - UrazR

Uraz is about roots, foundations, and connecting to a healing presence.

So this week, before you decide to work here, or move there, or believe in that, or commit to this, ask yourself -

Will this choice, this situation, feed me, hold me, give to me as much as it's going to take? Do I anticipate growth and nurturing, or depletion and frustration?

In all this change that's happening, in all the shifting of the ground beneath us, in all the chaotic realities, we are getting in new choices every day.

And we get to choose what makes us feel strong.

Life. Liberty. And the pursuit of happiness.

Choose for you.

I hope you have a great week!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The cocoon opens again - and the babble ensues

Hello to you!

Looks like the cycle of writing fell away again - I do tend to wax and wane in my... hmm, what's a good word?

Actually, the word I've been using lately is Introversion. My introvert side has been claiming it's time out of the public's eye. I've been doing a lot of workshop building and reading and self-care which, interestingly enough, includes the admin stuff I love to complain about.

But it has been easier since I realized that the administrative tasks of bill paying and filing and emails are a form of self-care. Like exercising or house cleaning or yearly blood tests.

And the best part, the part that is making it much easier, is I realized I was making it very complex. In this, as in many other things, I had created an intricate game of tasks to accomplish in order to feel productive and, well, accomplished. "I am an accountant!" I declare happily as I take 5 minutes to figure out the exact perfect account in which to post my 5$ cash spending. And I fret over how long to keep receipts. And I do have imaginary conversations with the IRS about why I classified this clothing purchase as a uniform - because he might wear those pants out in public once in a while.

AAaaaaaagh! Yes, it is a fun game. And yes I love numbers. But there are amazing systems in place now to simplify the bookkeeping tasks. And simple is the name of the new game I am playing.

"Simple and Significant." Yes, you see it everywhere - I first heard it from my mom. She was talking about my writing, but it is relevant in all parts of life, including bookkeeping. I don't need 14 different categories for my groceries, and I don't need to spend half an hour invoicing the business account in order to split the telephone bill.

So I found a better way to get the bookkeeping done. A simpler way. A way that works for me and is relevant to the way I operate, the way I look at things, the true way I live - not actions based on an ideal of someone I admire. So I'm not going to inventory all of my possessions with the goal of valuating them every year. I just don't do that.

And I'm not going to use the Getting Things Done form of time management - because all that's done is create bigger piles for me. And not gotten anything done. I loved the idea. But it's too involved for my form of action.

I am a do it now person. Do what is in front of me. Even if something can wait for a few days, I need to keep it in front of me, because if I file something to be done later, my brain thinks it's been done. And i forget about it.

By the way -  if you've been waiting for an email, I apologize. It's on my self-care list. I'm still practicing fitting it all together.

Because I love my work. And creating these workshops is an amazing undertaking. And I often find myself retreating back into the cocoon of thought and growth and stripping away unnecessary flourishes in order to be ME. And that often equates to not writing. For myself or to others.

But the cocoon is opening again. As September ends and the clearing cycle changes to production again (last harvest, get to work!) I am looking forward to connecting with peoples again.

Because keeping it simple clears the clutter, the intricate flourishes, and allows space for happiness. Truthful, connected, expansive reality.

I'm not going to edit this, so please forgive the typos. I have to get ready for Spirit Wise work - and tonite's  class.  Will I see you there?

I hope you have a great day!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

LIR 092116 - Kunos way off the mat

Okay, bear with me, people, cuz we may be digging deep, today.

And I do mean that meta-literally.

The rune for the week is Kunos - which is the torch, the possibilities, doors opening. We get to decide where we point the light, what we want to create, which doors we open and which we walk through.

The rune fell very far off the mat... Over the edge of the table and into the chair, far. This means hopes and fears, things hidden in the subconscious. Deep, Deep thoughts.

And there are so many unique beyonds, and so many possibilities, that this reading could be different for each of us.

Do I/you/we need to dig a little deeper for the truth, the choice, the connection that will bring light to the preferred path?

Shall I look inward when things outward get too frustrating and confusing and, well, stupid?

When you're at the end of the strength and patience, is in and down where to look for the helping hand?

Are we holding, deep in our hearts, joyous and amazing, all the love, all the answers, All the connections, all the possibilities we could ever desire to manifest?

Maybe it's all of the above. I should know there possibilities are endless, and my reality is all about what I believe.

What do you believe?

I hope you have a great week!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

"We don't say "Blah, blah, blah!""

It has been a long while (for me) since I have written. Not even since I've posted, but since I've WRITTEN. Anything. Journal or blog or even tweet.

Part of the restriction, resistance, block, hurdle seems to be that there is so much going on in my head again! What is today's happiness practice? How do I get the word out about my workshops in a way I resonate with? I haven't done a newsletter in ages, but the newsletter isn't technically a consensual form of communication anymore. Food, glorious food. Is reading a form of distraction? Like eating? How do I set up a consensual email list? I need a brochure of all my classes. I want to bring more money in.And if you're like me, you want to fulfill my writing goals this month. I have workshops to give and workshops to take. Getting things done doesn't do it for me. I want more people in my workshops. Who does all this frantic anxiety belong to? I am expansive. I am happy. Feeling instead of force. Deeper than the tears, you will find me.Why do cats like string? Where's Perry? It's almost October.

Blah. Blah. Blah.

But it's not blah. It's not even babble. It's the hundreds of ideas and desires raising their hands and wanting to be realized NOW! So much that could be done.

At least I know that. It's not that there's "So much to do." No shoulds. No limitations on the future.

It's that there's so much that can be done. So many possibilities. So much expansion and connection.

I'm already there. I can feel the abundance and joy and ease and grace and happiness! Every day, when I breathe, I can feel that connection.

But sometimes that expansion, that abundance just seems to fuel the Greek chorus in my head. (some people have monkeys, some have lizards, my mind is dressed in togas and lounging around a white marble fountain, eating grapes. Could be why I burst into song; though I never have learned the songs from "A funny thing happened on the way to the  Forum." Are there songs? I think there are songs. Look it up. Blah, blah. blah!)

There are answers. There are tools. There are mantras.

Release the resistance.
Simple but significant.
Use what I have.
One step at a time.
Self care.
Who does that belong to?
15 minutes.
"Nothing to do with me - BIH"
Connect. Expand. Breathe.
Do I really want that?
Mind with matter.

The greek chorus dances, but it still doesn't get anything done. The truth come from the heart. I'm the only one who can do what I want to do. I get to choose. I AM.

Is it time to sleep yet?

I feel... (blah, blah, blah)
I think... (blah, blah, blah)
I am...

I am allowing abundance.
I am looking forward to today.
I am asking "What else is possible?"
I am stopping, everytime I start feeling like running around, and I am breathing, and I am focusing on one thing at a time.
And I am knowing that I will be sleeping tonite, and that's almost here, and there's still so much I can do today.

I am Lila.
I am the center of my universe.
I am the chooser of my reality.
I am part of the Divine.

There is no blah, blah, blah. But the real truths are in my center, not in my head.

I am Lila. And I am happy.

I hope you have a great day!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

LIR 090716 - IngwazR

As more and more of us are allowing ourselves to speak our truth, it is time to honor each other's words.

Let the words be the truth. No subtext; no coyness. "No" means "no". "Yes" means "yes." "On Thursday" means, "on Thursday."

Let us be clear, and expect clarity in return. The time for polite falsehoods is past. Let us practice polite truths.

I hope you have a great day! (Not better than mine, of course, but just as awesome!  😆)


Sunday, September 4, 2016

Today's Happiness Practice - Releasing Resistance next level

Today I am going to practice releasing resistance.

Yes, I have been practicing it. I led a workshop. It was helpful. Yay!

But humans are like ogres, and there are layers. And when one exfoliates off that first layer of skin, one finds another whole tougher layer underneath.

Resistance may not be the word for what I'm doing, but the results are the same. Tensing. Avoiding. Deflecting. Distracting. Triggering physical dis-ease which leads to grumpy unhappiness.

Therefore the best first step is also the same.

Say the word. "Breathe."
Inhale and exhale.
Expand the space within me and around me.
Slowly and gently and easily.
Follow the breath down past the heart. The center of truth.
Follow the breath down into the diaphragm. Into the solar plexus - which is the center of action.
Bring the strain and the striving from the forehead down into the center.
Let go of the tension in the legs and bring it up into the center.

Will and intent come from the center - the rest is just processing and production.

Transfer the tension into action and intent.
What is the situation?
What are my choices?
Breathe. Gently. Easily.
Who does the resistance, the triggers, the fear belong to?
Not me.
I know what I need to know.
I know how to make a choice from my truth, from my center, for my health and happiness.
See the situation.
Accept it as it is; list the choices.

Then choose.

Today I am going to practice releasing resistance - transforming it into beneficial action.

I hope you have as easy a day as I expect to!