Sunday, July 25, 2021

Blessed Fire


We honor you for the transformation that has danced across our lands and through our lives.

May you see the respect we intend in the numbers and qualities of beings we send to battle you.

We know that you are the heart of the sun, burning strong and proud, never truly quenched, the fire we have buried in our own hearts until you broke free to display your power in a way we could not deny.

Let this symbol of creativity show that you have been heard:

      Not all fires should be quenched; the fires of passions and joy and love and creation 

and exploration should burn on forever. And those fires should be used.

I pray you, release our forests from your embrace, and return to the candle and the camp.

Your work here is done.

Thank you, fire, for that work.

Thank you, fire, for your message.

Thank you, fire for always being alive in our hearts.

Hail and farewell.