Thursday, April 11, 2024

Thought for the day: How to FEEL like a writer

I've been pondering what it would feel like to be a writer again. To be consistent at it. Perhaps even to bring in some abundance from writing. 

And I realized today, that I am not an executive assistant all day every day. I am not a bookkeeper for all the hours my eyes are open. I was not a bookseller every minute I was in the bookstore. I'm not even a reader for more than 4 (or 6) hours in a row. I get up, I engage with others, I use the restroom, I check the phone. 

The ONLY thing I am every second of every hour is me. And I am a multi faceted being who has laser focus some times and the attention span of a squirrel some times.

So feeling like a writer must be wanting to write (and not always having the time or the inclination.) Maybe feeling like a writer is also about being frustrated because there’s 42 ideas and then there are none.
Perhaps feeling like a writer is not so much about the action, as it is about the alignment. 

So I can feel like a writer,  and an assistant, and a reader, and a friend, and a singer, and a cleaner, and a...  all at the same time. 

So. What do you feel like in your multi-faceted awesomeness?

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